Activities to Help Unite Belmont, Ontario

Whatever you want to do we've got something for you!

Activity programming is the one of the most important objectives of the HUB board of directors and its sub-committees. There are a variety of programs and events available to the people of Belmont made possible by the HUB. Visit the HUB Calendar for a full schedule of current events and activities.

For Kids

For Adults

  • TOPS
  • Yoga
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • P90X Style Bootcamp

For All Ages

  • Studio Dance Pointe (Kids & Teen)
  • Martial Arts
  • Winterfest

Do you have an event or a program idea that you want to help bring to Belmont? If so and you need some help to get it off the ground contact a member of the HUB Board of Directors to set up a time to present your idea or proposal to the Board.







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